About Kelly

7My name is Kelly Gardenhire, I currently serve as music leader at The Foundation Church in Marshfield, Mo. God has blessed me with a lovely wife and two wonderful children. I’m also a construction worker. I’ve spent a great portion of my life playing music in various forms, in many different places, from hard rock to gospel, from piano to electric guitar. My pursuit of music has led me, and not by mistake, to a pursuit of Jesus.

I am now working with Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records based in Nashville, TN where we recorded the song “Better Way” over the summer. This song is a reflection of my life in that it took wandering the wrong path for a while before I realized that Gods way is not only a better way, its the best way.

From a young age, I had been involved in music Piano was my first instrument and then trumpet in the school band. After high school, I played in various rock bands, had a lot of fun, and made a lot of great friends – and quite a few mistakes too. I have been fortunate enough to perform and record music with some of the best musicians that this area has to offer, but I was never able to take my dreams to the next level. My biggest regrets in my quest for success are that I didn’t decide to follow Jesus sooner, and that I didn’t know Eric and the team at Creative Soul Records back then. But, I’m not worried, God has a plan (and so do Eric and I!).

Eric is currently producing my first professional record, and I am so pleased with the results and I am absolutely thrilled to have Eric and his team representing me. They are professionals who care about the music I want to create and have the experience to make it happen, with the best musicians Nashville has to offer. They’ll even help me after the music work is done with marketing and more!

This ministry is, and always will be about Jesus Christ. I am so blessed and honored that God would place this mission on my heart. My prayer is that this ministry would bring glory to Him through my life and music.


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